Michael N. Owen

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Items Inspected

The following items are inspected in accordance with Oregon Standards of Practice. For more information on Oregon Home Inspection Standards and licensing requirements, click this link

  1. Structural components

  2. Exterior and Site

  3. Roofing Components

  4. Plumbing

  5. Electrical

  6. Heating and Cooling Systems

  7. Interior Components

  8. Insulation and Ventilation

  9. Dishwashers, Ranges, Cooktops, Garbage Disposals

  10. Wood Destroying Insects Report, Carpenter Ants and Termites, included with the home inspection.

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Inspection Process

My inspections are thorough, complete and conducted with fairness and impartiality. Inspection findings are reported in a friendly, polite and informative manner. The Inspection Report is computer generated and is clearly written and provides easy to understand findings with photos. The Report is a comprehensive analysis of the visible defects and conditions of the property being inspected.  I’ll email the Report to you on the day of the inspection.   I encourage clients to attend the inspection and I’m available to answer your questions throughout the process of buying or selling your home. The average time to inspect a house is about 3 hours depending on the size, age and condition of the home.